Tim Gennert Media Services

Mastering is the process of translating the artist's and the mix engineer's vision to market. Each genre has different demands. No project is the same, so no mastering process is the same.


Digital audio has the unfortunate tendency to harm a vital part of what makes sound pleasurable. If important information has been lost I work to revive qualities like front to back depth, natural high end and bass.


If the audio that comes to me is exceptional, I insure that it leaves translating properly and better than it came to me.


Volume is always a concern in the presentation of sound.

My approach is to make sound as loud as it can be, without damage to the perceived dynamics. If the market or artist dictates otherwise, I will master accordingly. As always, I am in service to the artist and mix engineer.


The tools I use I consider to be the best in the world, both analog and digital. Neve, Sequoia, Antelope clocks, Prism sound, Lavry, Shadow Hills, Woven audio.


I have spent extensive time testing and re-testing the tools I use to insure that they remain the best tools available.


I have extensive experience mastering both analog and digital. I work in close collaboration with Krieg Wunderlich for vinyl laquer cutting and I am an Apple accredited "Mastered for Itunes" Mastering engineer.


Because I started out mastering for manufacturing , I have a deep understanding of the requirements of bringing products to market and I have associations with the top manufacturing companies.


Please Contact me for mastering samples specific to your genre.



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